The United States is still a democratic republic, formally, but what that actually means in practice is increasingly in doubt — and the Hobby Lobby ruling, deeply disingenuous and sharply at odds with centuries of Anglo-American law, exemplifies how that formal reality is increasingly mocked in practice. It is a practice best described as neo-feudalism, taking power away from ordinary citizens, in all their pluralistic, idiosyncratic diversity, and handing it over to corporations and religious dictators in both the public and the private realm.

jbizzle329 asked:

I'm reading about all the things that are going on in Indiana pertaining to how the government essentially wants to strip Ritz of her chair responsibilities. This is an amazing example of how education is so influenced by money. Indiana did a great thing by putting her in charge (SHE WAS VOTED IN), but the board seems to think otherwise. It's freaking bat shit crazy. They are trying to not only steal her voice but all the voices that voted for her. Disgusting.

girlwithalessonplan answered:

What’s more, is she received more votes than Gov. Pence.  They immediately saw her as a threat, and Pence’s administration began the “Center for Education and Career Innovation” to directly undermine her.  It’s ludicrous.  It’s been a battle between her, Pence, and the State Board of Education since day 1.